Does Your Business Need A Boost?

Business Boost Network is a NEW Business Network Group started by enthusiastic and likeminded local business owners on the Sunshine Coast.  Why not join a Business Network with access to an established audience of over 40,000 people.  Business categories are limited, enquire today!

Business Boost Network

We are a new business group created by motivated and likeminded business owners wanting to effectively and efficiently connect with other likeminded local business owners and help each other with business referrals.

The BBN – Sunshine Coast business group is perfect for you if you are:

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How it Works for
BBN-Sunshine Coast

Group Meeting

We know business owners juggle many things including their time, which is why we only meet every fortnight within the local area for a light breakfast in a semi-structured but fun & relevant format.

One on One Meeting

Each member is encouraged to visit every member’s business at least once for a one-on-one Discovery Session to get to know and understand each business and their ideal client.

Online Marketing

All BBN-Sunshine Coast members get lots of online marketing assistance including access to well established online Community Groups.


Build an ongoing business relationship with members and help each other out with referrals.


Members will have access to ongoing learning sessions for doing business online.


All work and no play is not healthy which is why we will host a social event for members & their families every quarter.

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